Mahogany Moore Attends Healthcare Program at UNCC

Mahogany Moore, a rising senior at Stuart W. Cramer high school will participate in the Health Career High School Summer Program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte this week. This program is designed to nurture and further develop the skills obtain through high school courses in the healthcare field by exposing students to healthcare initiatives. The summer program allows students to have a college experience by residing in the dormitory and share in the social life. The one week intensive targets pre-college students and underrepresented minority students that have an interest in a career in healthcare.


Mahogany is also very active at Stuart W. Cramer high school. Recently, she was named as a member of The National Honor Society of High School scholars because of successful and accumulative grade point average. In addition, Mahogany will also be a member of the varsity cheerleading team. We salute Mahogany for another great and outstanding school year.

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