Christian Education

To create and implement forums and other events where individuals can develop deeper understanding of God’s written word, grow spiritually, and fellowship with one another.


Appointed and consecrated by the pastor to prepare the altar for Holy Communion Service and ensure the pulpit is properly prepared for all worship services. The Deaconess make themselves available to pray for people to receive Christ as their personal Savior and that others would be set free and delivered.

Music Ministry

To sing unto God in such a harmonic and simplistic way that our corporate worship is radically changed because of our collective desire to minister to broken souls, uplift weary saints, convict the sinful, and change the hearts of the undetermined. Our music ministry includes the Band, Praise Team, Praise & Worship choir, Mass Choir, Youth Choir, Young Adult and Children Dance and Mime Teams.


Provide a safe place where people of all walks of life can come and worship God the supreme creator. We believe it is important to assist in the work of saving the lost and discipline the saved.

W.H.&O.M. Society

The Women Home & Oversees Missionary Society seeks to express the love of God for all humanity through the work of missions. To spread the word and multiply for Christ through witnessing to others, praying for the sick, homeless, hungry, and providing financial support to help those in need at home and abroad.

Greeters Ministry

To greet and welcome every member and visitor that enters our worship service. Create an atmosphere of pleasantry and friendliness through smiles, conversations and ministry packages. To express their love for God to everyone they see.


To be tithers as written in the word of God and stand on those biblical principles to finance the ministry of PRC. To manage and be accountable for all resources received into this ministry.

Steward Board #2

Supports the pastor to fulfill the scriptural mandates and assignments given for the development of discipleship and stewardship of God’s people. To uplift, uphold and pray for the pastor and this ministry; providing strength in the time of weakness, respect and honor of the office PRC ministry for kingdom building.

Class Leaders

To minister to the needs of the members of PRC through visitation, prayers, & communication.