Big Shot – Stephen Curry

Big Shot – Stephen Curry


Stephen Curry Takes A Stand

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It’s been there for quite some time, but people are just starting to take notice…Stephen Curry Image
It’s not too often that we get to see athletes bringing the Bible out on the court—but that’s exactly what Stephen Curry is doing with his trademark shoe through Under Armour.

Curry created quite the stir when he broke his deal with Nike to partner with UA, but it was for an excellent cause. He wanted to incorporate his faith into his footwear so he could promote a powerful message instead of just another empty product.So what’s the message that’s got people all riled up?

I can do all things.

Stephen Curry image

“It represents a Bible verse I wear on my shoe,” said Curry. “Philippians 4:13. It says ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ It’s also my mantra, how I get up for games and why I play the way I do.”

That’s right, Curry doesn’t only have Christ in his heart, but he’s literally taking Him out on the court every step of the way. And he’s NOT afraid to show it. Nike wasn’t a fan of the Sharpie-scrawled verse publicizing their brand…

Stephen Curry ShoesBut NOW, he’s got the same Sharpie-style message proudly printed on his UA kicks.

He calls it “The Curry One,” and it’s appropriate tagline is “Charged by Belief.”No wonder why the 6’3″ sharpshooter is basically unstoppable.

Even LeBron James (another devout NBA Christian)said, “[Curry’s] one of the best shooters the NBA will ever see. You just hope he misses.”But Curry will never take credit for his successes on or off the court.

“Obviously, there’s a lot of hoopla and fanfare that follows you wherever you go, but I know where my talent comes from,” said Steph. “I know why I play the game, and it’s not to score 30 points a night, but it’s to use the stage I’m on. I’ve been put here for a specific purpose: to be a witness and to share my testimony as I go through it.”

Big Shots Take Action – What will be your personal stand for Christ?

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