Big Shots – Derek Fisher

Big Shots – Derek Fisher

Fan or Follower?


Derek Fisher,  former Los Angeles Lakers star guard and four-time NBA champion is quoted as saying, “I just totally put everything on my faith in God. If I concentrate on something and work hard at it, something good will come out of it.”

Derek Fisher imageIn an interview with the 700 Club, Fisher says, “God blessed me with an ability to play this game very well.  So then, in response to that, to show Him that I appreciate that blessing, I’m supposed to try to be the best at playing the game of basketball. I know all of it is because of Him. There’s no question about it. The source of my power and strength is God, and I know it, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Now that’s a role model.

Big Shots Take Action: How will you use your abilities to glorify God?



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