BGR – Naomi Rocks!



Naomi image

Image taken by James C. Lewis

Character of the Month: Naomi

Location in the Bible:  Book of Ruth (Old Testament)

Characteristics:  Wise, Resourceful

Her Story: 

Naomi’s is the wife of Elimelek and mother of two sons, Mahlon and Kilion. After fleeing her country during a drought, Noami looses it all – her wealth, husband, and sons.  Despite this tragedy, Mahlon’s wife Ruth,  now a widow, decides to stay with Naomi as she ventures back to her hometown – Bethlehem.  In Bethlehem, Naomi ask instructs Ruth to gather  grain in the field of Boaz. As a result, Boaz notices Ruth in the field, invites her to the feast, and ultimately marries her. Naomi’s use of wisdom changed the life of Ruth and herself forever.

Why does this bible girl rock?

Naomi rocks because she did not allow her past to become her present. This bible girl used her resources and wisdom to change her life for the better.

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