Ashley Fortenberry Promoted to Y’s Department

Ashley Fortenberry Promoted to Y’s Department

Ashley Fortenberry was promoted today from the Bud’s Department to the Y’s Department of the African Methashley1odist Episcopal Zion church at Neely’s Grove AME Zion, Saturday May 7th.

The Bud’s Department is the training ground for our children ages 0-12. Students attend quarterly classes and programs for spiritual development and faith formation. Upon completion, students are promoted to the Y’s department to continue spiritual formation.

Mrs. Mary McNeely, former Bud’s superintendent of the national church and Mission Education leader for Lincolnton District gave the charge to the students. She encouraged the group to obey the parents, set goals early in ashleygrouplife, and re-frame from saying what you can not accomplish because of an obstacle. McNeely ended her brief talk with “go do your best.”

Ashley is a student at Piedmont Charter school in Gastonia where she continues to excel academically. Congratulations to Ashley for being promoted to the Y’s Department.

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