About Us

Our Mission

We believe that God is the supreme creator who gave us life and provided us an opportunity to gain eternal life. Therefore, we will love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and collectively express His love to all mankind.The bible We will worship him in the beauty of holiness and bow down before His presence and acknowledge our dependency upon Him.

We will establish ministries on the cutting edge of the millennium that seek to save the lost, disciple the saved, and send the believer to hep win the word for Christ.

Our Vision

To develop and disciple the lost, encourage and equip the servants of God and shine the light of hope in their lives of our church, family and community as we continue in our Kingdom assignment. In support of our vision we as a church will:

  • Treat each other with love, and to make visitors feel welcome and glad they came to be apart of this ministry
  • Build up and not tear down anyone or anything at Pleasant Ridge
  • Help take care of the church and the property and protect the name of the Pleasant Ridge AME Zion Church, its pastor, and members.
  • Help with the growth of the church by inviting others to Pleasant Ridge
  • Present Christ in all that we do at and away from the church
  • To come and attend the means of Grace (any and all activities whereby God’s grace is afforded to us) i.e. morning worship, Bible Study, Afternoon, Evening Services, etc…
  • To become active and involved in the ministries of Pleasant Ridge AME Zion Church and the community
  • To support the Vision of the House as outlined by the pastor.